Faux Cowhide

Décor is a major part of what makes a space personalized and unique to each individual. Whether it’s the color of paint used in a room to the layout of the furniture, it all plays a part in how a room is seen to each person that walks in the door.

My personal theme is more of a contemporary modern theme since I prefer hues/shades of blacks, browns, greys, and whites and I prefer to incorporate furniture that is sleek and smooth maybe even elegant looking. I’m a person who is very detail oriented as well as organized so little things are noticed by me very easily. Décor is more than sprucing up a room with objects, but it’s also enhancing a room to be more functional such as using storage for multiple purposes or creating DIY’s. Décor is important to me because it is like a milestone from childhood to adulthood. Over the years, the teenage posters and various wacky items start to transform into something more useful and mature. Décor has always been something fun to look forward to when moving as well. We’ve moved at least three times over the years to now and each time my room has changed not only in size and shape, but in layout and style as well like adding faux cowhide pillows. My personal décor style has changed drastically over the years growing up into a young adult and the best part about moving was being able to feel like an interior designer for a few because I got to ‘create’ my bedroom the way I wanted from the layout to the décor itself.

My bedroom includes a very symmetrical perspective with mostly matte black and browns for a color theme. Black floating shelves, a four drawer black dresser with silver accent handles, a sleek black desk placed next to the bed which is centered in the middle of the wall with a modern brown headboard that provides curves and a ‘spotlight’ that draws a persons attention to that point in the room when they walk in. Paper lantern lights are perfectly drawn across the wall right above to provide extra light. Brown blackout curtains with silver grommets are on each side of the double window as well to provide a more ‘cozy’ atmosphere. Candles are very much aesthetically pleasing to me so I have three different tiered glass cylinders that hold tea light candles in them that sit on top of the dresser in the corner of the room. They provide light in the corner of the room as well as add to the elegance of the room. A few picture hang from the walls, but not many to avoid a cluttered look in the room. Even the smallest of objects have helped shaped my room into something much more mature than it used to be when I was younger.

This is how I’ve developed my style over the years growing up and my bedroom has become a pleasing space to be in for doing homework or hanging out with friends. Watching HGTV to looking at magazines to even visiting friends houses and seeing something that I like has all influenced my creative side and my tastes in décor. Of course, décor of any space is different depending on the person and the space that’s being designed. Décor shows who you are as a person with the types of styles you like to show. This is why décor matters to me, because it defines who I am by my style.