Decorating My First Apartment On A Budget

The timing of this essay couldn’t be more perfect as I literally just signed my lease for my first apartment.  Walking through my vast space of 620 square feet of freedom it suddenly hits me that I’m an adult.  These beige blank walls are my canvas to create an entire space that all reflective of me.  Growing up my only refuge of freedom was my bedroom.  When I lived with my mother I had a lot of limitations placed on me.   There were just so many, many rules to follow.  Almost every decision made had to be approved by my mother and I followed her rules consistently.  She was overprotective, so I barely went out other than to work or school.  My bedroom became my one place of freedom.  She allowed me to decorate my bedroom as I pleased.  I took personal pride in making that small little area mine.

Letting my creative energy take over me I designed a large black oak tree on one of my walls. That tree was symbolic of me and made me feel a little more relaxed in my space.  I would create decorations to match the changing seasons and decorate my tree.  During Christmas, I created personalized ornaments and created a perfect snowy background to match.  I made sure my room was always clean and it provided me peace of mind that I had an area that was all about me. I always made sure to keep my area rug clean (BTW I got my rug from here if you’re interested).

Décor is important because it makes a space uniquely yours.  A little pillow on that, a rug over here, a lamp right there pulls everything together to create a personal space that you can call home.  I now have the decorating license to incorporate my favorite colors in my bathroom of maroon or olive green.  I now can create the living room of my dreams with my color schemes of black, gray, and silver.  Décor is empowering because it allows you to create your environment to your needs and not someone else’s needs. You control the atmosphere when you’re finally on your own. Decorating allows you to take the first steps into your independence.

It makes a visual statement of your adulthood to those that enter your living space.  Once you gained independence it leads you to learn more about yourself and that awareness can be reflective in the décor of a person’s home.  The feeling of walking into your place and seeing everything where it belongs is the best feeling because it now has meaning and sentiment.  Décor is very important in my life, because I know I made the decision and I’m in control of my life.