How To Complete The Southwestern Style Look In Your Home

southwestern home decorNatural colors or earth-tone colors are the new “it” when it comes to the latest home trends. The simplicity of these colors kind of sets the mood for a minimalist feel. These colors are often used for the Southwestern home look. This kind of home style has a vintage appeal that would definitely tempt you to stay at home and enjoy being surrounded by such lovely home decors. Now, how do you complete a Southwestern look for your home?


A traditional Southwestern home wouldn’t be complete without a terra cota clay which is why you must have at least a couple or more of these in your home. It can be in a form of a roof tile or figurines. An abundance of terra cota clay is how you complete a Southwestern look for your home. Painted ceramic potteries or a few pieces from Talavera pottery are also significant in achieving the latter.


Going back to colors, aside from nude; turquoise, bright yellow and dusty orange are also an indicative of a Southwestern design. The same goes for the traditional palette of cactus green, adobe red and desert-toned neutral hues. These variation of colors are essential in completing a Southwestern look for your home. The combination of these helps in giving your house a some sort of vintage feel and it calms your system with its peaceful vibe.


Comfort always comes first before style so even if we are talking about style and trend, comfort should still be put in consideration. Which is the exact reason why Southwestern style uses leather and suede for upholstery. These textiles do not only stand out as coverings, they also provide a comfortable feel. It is a two in one which makes it a “must” whenever someone tries to complete a Southwestern look for their home.


Next, a Southwestern home usually has animal themed decorations. You can use a real life deer head and you can hang it on your wall or you can go for a rhino painting. They might be bizarre and a bit wild by these animal decors can actually be the key to complete a Southwestern look for your home. Aside from these, you can also use a cactus to accentuate your home. You can place it in a transparent container filled with stones or pebbles and make it a center piece or you can simply place it on the side or in dividers and serve as an accessory to whatever is displayed beside it.


You might find it hard to look for the things that you will need to complete a Southwestern look for your home but you need to know that it isn’t that hard at all. It kind of has this vintage appeal and that’s true but you can always recycle some old stuff. And what I like best about this style is that it is budget-friendly. You need not to spend much, you just have to be resourceful enough and this resourcefulness, in my opinion is what you really, really need to achieve that Southwestern look that you’re aiming for.