How To Complete The Southwestern Style Look In Your Home

southwestern home decorNatural colors or earth-tone colors are the new “it” when it comes to the latest home trends. The simplicity of these colors kind of sets the mood for a minimalist feel. These colors are often used for the Southwestern home look. This kind of home style has a vintage appeal that would definitely tempt you to stay at home and enjoy being surrounded by such lovely home decors. Now, how do you complete a Southwestern look for your home?


A traditional Southwestern home wouldn’t be complete without a terra cota clay which is why you must have at least a couple or more of these in your home. It can be in a form of a roof tile or figurines. An abundance of terra cota clay is how you complete a Southwestern look for your home. Painted ceramic potteries or a few pieces from Talavera pottery are also significant in achieving the latter.


Going back to colors, aside from nude; turquoise, bright yellow and dusty orange are also an indicative of a Southwestern design. The same goes for the traditional palette of cactus green, adobe red and desert-toned neutral hues. These variation of colors are essential in completing a Southwestern look for your home. The combination of these helps in giving your house a some sort of vintage feel and it calms your system with its peaceful vibe.


Comfort always comes first before style so even if we are talking about style and trend, comfort should still be put in consideration. Which is the exact reason why Southwestern style uses leather and suede for upholstery. These textiles do not only stand out as coverings, they also provide a comfortable feel. It is a two in one which makes it a “must” whenever someone tries to complete a Southwestern look for their home.


Next, a Southwestern home usually has animal themed decorations. You can use a real life deer head and you can hang it on your wall or you can go for a rhino painting. They might be bizarre and a bit wild by these animal decors can actually be the key to complete a Southwestern look for your home. Aside from these, you can also use a cactus to accentuate your home. You can place it in a transparent container filled with stones or pebbles and make it a center piece or you can simply place it on the side or in dividers and serve as an accessory to whatever is displayed beside it.


You might find it hard to look for the things that you will need to complete a Southwestern look for your home but you need to know that it isn’t that hard at all. It kind of has this vintage appeal and that’s true but you can always recycle some old stuff. And what I like best about this style is that it is budget-friendly. You need not to spend much, you just have to be resourceful enough and this resourcefulness, in my opinion is what you really, really need to achieve that Southwestern look that you’re aiming for.

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Linoleum Flooring Cleaning Tips

  If you have linoleum flooring in your household, you’ll want to ensure it’s clean in order to maintain its aesthetics and functionality.

Materials Needed

When cleaning anything, you need to ensure that you have all the required materials. Once you decide on cleaning something, the last thing you want is to be discouraged from the task because you lack the tools or products. However, cleaning linoleum floors doesn’t require a lot of things. All you need is a bucket, vinegar and cloth.

Mixing the Solution

Mix a little water into the vinegar. Most people can’t stand the smell of vinegar, and so, you’ll want to dilute it with water slightly. If you are just doing a quick run over, you won’t need a lot of vinegar, but if you intend to do a deep down clean, then you will need a substantial amount. Cleaning linoleum floors is not daunting as the material is not porous.


Once you’ve finished preparing the solution, the next step is to take the clean cloth and put it in the mixture. Let it soak for a few minutes before you begin working on the floor. Once you let it soak, wring it out so that it’s damp. A wet rag is the best as most linoleum floors are not sealed. For this reason alone, you will need a damp cloth to ensure that the solution does not soak into carpets.

The Cleaning

When it comes to the actual cleaning, mop over the whole floor once. This quick run over will help in loosening the dirt and minimize the amount of scrubbing. To complete the cleaning process, you should go over the floor at least three times. If the floor isn’t sparkling by the end of the process, you may want to apply a little more force.

Linoleum flooring doesn’t take too much time to dry, but when waiting, you can clean other parts of your home or open the windows to fasten the drying process. This is a great way of keeping your floors sparkling clean. You can repeat this process as many times as you like but if you clean on a regular basis, note that you’ll not need to use as much vinegar as you initially did.

Linoleum flooring can be a challenge to keep clean, particularly if it is old. However, scrubbing the floor on a regular basis can keep the floor looking great for a long time.

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Decorating My First Apartment On A Budget

The timing of this essay couldn’t be more perfect as I literally just signed my lease for my first apartment.  Walking through my vast space of 620 square feet of freedom it suddenly hits me that I’m an adult.  These beige blank walls are my canvas to create an entire space that all reflective of me.  Growing up my only refuge of freedom was my bedroom.  When I lived with my mother I had a lot of limitations placed on me.   There were just so many, many rules to follow.  Almost every decision made had to be approved by my mother and I followed her rules consistently.  She was overprotective, so I barely went out other than to work or school.  My bedroom became my one place of freedom.  She allowed me to decorate my bedroom as I pleased.  I took personal pride in making that small little area mine.

Letting my creative energy take over me I designed a large black oak tree on one of my walls. That tree was symbolic of me and made me feel a little more relaxed in my space.  I would create decorations to match the changing seasons and decorate my tree.  During Christmas, I created personalized ornaments and created a perfect snowy background to match.  I made sure my room was always clean and it provided me peace of mind that I had an area that was all about me. I always made sure to keep my area rug clean (BTW I got my rug from here if you’re interested).

Décor is important because it makes a space uniquely yours.  A little pillow on that, a rug over here, a lamp right there pulls everything together to create a personal space that you can call home.  I now have the decorating license to incorporate my favorite colors in my bathroom of maroon or olive green.  I now can create the living room of my dreams with my color schemes of black, gray, and silver.  Décor is empowering because it allows you to create your environment to your needs and not someone else’s needs. You control the atmosphere when you’re finally on your own. Decorating allows you to take the first steps into your independence.

It makes a visual statement of your adulthood to those that enter your living space.  Once you gained independence it leads you to learn more about yourself and that awareness can be reflective in the décor of a person’s home.  The feeling of walking into your place and seeing everything where it belongs is the best feeling because it now has meaning and sentiment.  Décor is very important in my life, because I know I made the decision and I’m in control of my life.

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Faux Cowhide

Décor is a major part of what makes a space personalized and unique to each individual. Whether it’s the color of paint used in a room to the layout of the furniture, it all plays a part in how a room is seen to each person that walks in the door.

My personal theme is more of a contemporary modern theme since I prefer hues/shades of blacks, browns, greys, and whites and I prefer to incorporate furniture that is sleek and smooth maybe even elegant looking. I’m a person who is very detail oriented as well as organized so little things are noticed by me very easily. Décor is more than sprucing up a room with objects, but it’s also enhancing a room to be more functional such as using storage for multiple purposes or creating DIY’s. Décor is important to me because it is like a milestone from childhood to adulthood. Over the years, the teenage posters and various wacky items start to transform into something more useful and mature. Décor has always been something fun to look forward to when moving as well. We’ve moved at least three times over the years to now and each time my room has changed not only in size and shape, but in layout and style as well like adding faux cowhide pillows. My personal décor style has changed drastically over the years growing up into a young adult and the best part about moving was being able to feel like an interior designer for a few because I got to ‘create’ my bedroom the way I wanted from the layout to the décor itself.

My bedroom includes a very symmetrical perspective with mostly matte black and browns for a color theme. Black floating shelves, a four drawer black dresser with silver accent handles, a sleek black desk placed next to the bed which is centered in the middle of the wall with a modern brown headboard that provides curves and a ‘spotlight’ that draws a persons attention to that point in the room when they walk in. Paper lantern lights are perfectly drawn across the wall right above to provide extra light. Brown blackout curtains with silver grommets are on each side of the double window as well to provide a more ‘cozy’ atmosphere. Candles are very much aesthetically pleasing to me so I have three different tiered glass cylinders that hold tea light candles in them that sit on top of the dresser in the corner of the room. They provide light in the corner of the room as well as add to the elegance of the room. A few picture hang from the walls, but not many to avoid a cluttered look in the room. Even the smallest of objects have helped shaped my room into something much more mature than it used to be when I was younger.

This is how I’ve developed my style over the years growing up and my bedroom has become a pleasing space to be in for doing homework or hanging out with friends. Watching HGTV to looking at magazines to even visiting friends houses and seeing something that I like has all influenced my creative side and my tastes in décor. Of course, décor of any space is different depending on the person and the space that’s being designed. Décor shows who you are as a person with the types of styles you like to show. This is why décor matters to me, because it defines who I am by my style.

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Indian Decor

Décor matters because human beings are agents in the world around them. There is a correlation between agency and environment. Culture would be empty without its expressions of beauty. World diversity is mainly distinguished and recognizable because of distinctions in décor. Décor is not only found in furniture and living arrangements, it is found in societal traditions, cultural dress, and in larger communal expression.

Décor is the expression of one’s soul in the world. It is the display of the creative mind to fulfill the desires of the eye. Without it, the world would be somewhat empty of the creative capacities of mankind.

The Indian sari before the backdrop of Indian expressions of culture is in itself beautiful because of its existence in the particular location of India. It’s also important to utilize your Indian pillows. The sari is worn outside of Indian culture, yet as a decorative cultural artifact, its true beauty cannot be seen apart from Indian culture.

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Western Style and Historical Furniture

Decorating your home not only creates your own personal space preferences but also shows your personality throughout your space. This helps to make your home feel even more so like your own and therefore will help you to feel that your desires for where you wanted to live have been met entirely and hopefully, succeeded.

Another reason why western decorations are important is because it helps to identify unfamiliar areas. For instance, if you enter a professional space, it is usually very noticeable due to the clean and modern setting. You can then confirm that this is a place of very concise work, and further prepare yourself to adapt to the environment around you. There are many instances in which people become nervous when entering a new space, and by recognizing the meaning around decoration, and reason for decoration, it can help to bring comfort for the unknowing person entering a new place.

antique coffee table
Decoration not only shows character but can be very important to its owner due to the history behind it. Many people receive furniture, tableware, painting, and other decorative items from their relatives, that can date extremely far back and hold an immense amount of history. The decoration could hold much more meaning to its owner than if it had just been purchased. Items like decorations are often passed down through generations in order to hold on to family history, culture, and other aspects of past ancestors.

Personally, I can say that when creating your own space, decorating it has a huge impact on the overall feel of the atmosphere. It not only makes you feel more confident about what is around you but also lets me express my personality through my personal space. I have also had decor passed down to me and my family, and because of that reason, it became very valuable to us. The fact that the painting had been passed down through generations made it feel like it held so much power within it.

There are many ways in which decorations can be important and meaningful to people around us, as well as ourselves. Recognizing the beauty and history behind every item in your environment will truly open your eyes to all of the wonderful things around you.

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My Aunt’s Condo

When my sister and I were younger, we would visit our great aunt in her condo down by the lake. She was German, born and raised, and though she lived in America she often returned to Germany to visit her friends and family members there, as well as to travel to other parts of Europe. Though I was young, I can still recall, almost exactly from memory, the design of her condo. She lived alone, but she lived lavishly, as she was an elegant old woman. In the sitting room, large bookshelves towered over the two couches. Books poured from the shelves, spilling over the sides and piling onto the floors, books I had never heard of, had never even seen, and probably could not even read or understand at that time in my life.

The couches were ornate and some might even venture to say that they were gaudy, being that they were adorned with colorful prints and swirling patterns. I can recall very clearly that though they were beautiful, they were not comfortable to sit upon, especially while I waited for the adults to finish talking. I remember staring down at the rugs that covered the wooden floor. They were beautiful rugs, perhaps handmade, though I never knew, and the detail on them was stunning. No two of them matched, and they covered the entire floor of the sitting room and even continued into the kitchen, overlapping each other as they ran the length of the condo. If I followed them into the kitchen, I would find glass tables and counters and carved cabinets with their glass doors. “Don’t touch,” we were told in our young age. So we stared, and admired, for inside the cabinets we found tiny glass sculptures, and metal statues, and dolls, and souvenirs from places we had never even heard of before.

When we ate in that small kitchen, we would dine on foreign foods, and things that I had never tried but was polite enough to sample. Even the silverware and plates were exquisitely detailed, and their beautiful designs persuaded me to clear my plate so that I could see the pictures beneath. After dinner, I can recall that our great aunt sat beside us on the old couches, and gave us gifts that she had made. She was excellent at crochet, and out of yarn she had made us cupcakes and foods for us to play with in our pretend kitchens. I remember gazing at them, at the rose-pink icing and the mint-green flowers that decorated the tops of the cupcakes, and I thought they looked good enough to eat. We thanked her, and she brought us real chocolate from Germany, a treat that I still love to this day. Though now she lives back in Germany, our great aunt’s small and overcrowded home has left a tremendous impact on me. The design of the place was stunning, and I can still walk the hallways in my mind.

I can smell the old books, see the fabulous rugs, watch the dust streaming in the window. It is stunningly clear to me, even all of these years later, and I remember it with wonder and awe. I look back on that small sitting room and kitchen as a combination of culture and elegance. Every piece of furniture, every rug, and every sculpture in the cabinets told their own stories. And combined, the entire room spoke of an old woman who had traveled for much of her life, and who would still continue to travel for years to come. I have not seen her for years, but I will never forget her beautiful home, the home that still reminds me of the significance of culture, and of art, and of elegance through decor.

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Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Home Decor

bedroom decor

Have you ever walked into a room and just thought “Wow”? That “wow” could go one of two ways. It could mean, “wow, this room is incredibly boring and simple and just walking into this room has depressed my mood”. Or, that “wow”, could go another completely different way. It could be mean, “wow, this room makes me feel welcome, it makes me feel happier, more excited, and all because it contains tasteful décor.
Décor matters. How one decorates a room sets the tone for everyone that walks in. It could either signal a place of welcoming and comfort, or perhaps a place of business and cleanliness. Studies have shown that people sleep better with softer colors in their bedrooms and that people are more productive with brighter colors around them. We don’t decorate just for the fun of spending money on things to fill a room with. Each item we choose to place into our home or workspace signifies a little bit of who we are and how we want to portray ourselves to those who enter the space.
How one decorates does not only set a tone for those who visit your space, but it also sets the tone for yourself. Imagine: you choose to decorate your bedroom is dark navy and black and purple because it will make it seem darker for sleeping. While that may be true, it also means that every morning when you wake up, you will be waking up in a darker room in which the colors instill a sleeping depressing mood. Every morning it will be harder to leave your bed and get the day started than if you had soft green or light blue colors in your room. Waking up surrounded by such dark colors can set up a depressed and tired mood for the rest of the day which can lead to lower levels of productivity and happiness.

To the people that do not believe that décor matters, it can affect your life as well as all those who enter that space. It can make a difference simply by a change in color or style and can improve everyday living quality.

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